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Measurable Management™ FAQ's

Measurable Management™ is a practical, proven approach to continuous improvement that will deliver real and measurable outcomes that meet the needs of the organization, the department and the individual. Measurable Management™ earned its name because it delivers measurable, tangible results that begin before the program ever ends…we guarantee it.

Is Measurable Management™ a performance management program or change management program or team building program?

All of the above, but Measurable Management™ can most succinctly be described as a very successful program for helping all types of organizations develop a people-focused approach to translating strategy into measurable outcomes. The program will develop positive change and initiate change that is both profitable and sustainable.

What sets Measurable Management™ apart from other performance management, change management and team building programs?

Unlike many training programs that follow a set regimen of teaching principles based on the participants' needs, Measurable Management™ begins with the organization’s Key Issues or Objectives. The program transfers the tools and knowledge that will empower the participants to effectively facilitate change and implement improvements directly related to these Key Issues/Objectives. Measurable results are realized before the program ends and the framework is in place for continuous improvement well into the future.

How will this program help my company improve business performance?

Your own people will define and implement initiatives to improve business performance based on the Key Objectives driven by organizational needs.

How does this program fit in with other quality initiatives like Lean, Six Sigma, TQM and Balanced Scorecard?

Measurable Management™ is an excellent stand-alone program or a complimentary program for other quality initiatives such as Lean, Six Sigma and TQM. It becomes the vehicle to maximize the benefits from these initiatives and runs in tandem with them actually reducing the turmoil, changing attitudes and oiling the mechanics of implementation. Not only will it run more smoothly, but its performance will be sustained for a much longer period. More about Lean, Six Sigma, TQM »

How was the Measurable Management™ Program developed?

The Measurable Management™ Program was developed by internationally acclaimed organizational development expert Robin Byrne through his work with Xerox Corporation in the UK . Robin Byrne, of McQuillan-Byrne Ltd., a British based organizational development consultancy, introduced this powerhouse program to the United States after experiencing over a decade of success throughout Europe and the U.K.

Who should enroll in the program?

The program is aimed at supervisors, team leaders and first-line managers. This level of management is the “linchpin” within the organization between all of the good intentions of senior management and the practicality of making it happen everyday at the operational level.

Can anyone else enroll in the Measurable Management™ Program?

Although the Measurable Management™ is primarily focused on the first level of team leaders, the program has proven to be successful with upper management as well. Anyone who has responsibility for managing others or for the work of others can benefit from the Measurable Management™ Program. The program is also beneficial to employees that have leadership potential and may be in line for a promotion.

What is the Measurable Management™ Program guarantee?

If at the end of the program your organization does not receive at least a one-time return on your investment as a direct result of the program, we will refund you the difference.

Bottom line: Tangible, measurable results including costs savings, increased productivity, improved efficiency, reduced waste, and a positive attitude for change with your workforce. The measurable outcomes will provide a return on investment . . . we guarantee it!

Measurable Management™ is a revolutionary vehicle for translating good intentions into measurable outcomes while initiating change that is both sustainable and profitable.
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