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Life Time Learning Performance Solutions

Welcome to Life Time Learning

Lifetime Learning Company is a group of dedicated professionals with decades of practical experience training and developing employees in the auto, aerospace, consumer goods, municipal government, steel, consumer products, and electronics industries. We believe that the best consultants an organization can have are the employees already working for it.

What We Do

Lifetime Learning helps organizations of all types translate boardroom strategy into measurable outcomes at the operational level.


The results are tangible, measurable improvements, a positive attitude for change within your workforce and an ROI that is always greater than the cost of our services.

How We Do It

We focus on the people who execute the boardroom strategy at the process level of the organization. We use a performance improvement model combined with simple yet effective tools to compare our clients' current operational state to their desired operational state. We then analyze causes for gaps between the two and determine solutions that will eliminate the gaps.

Measurable Management™ is a revolutionary vehicle for translating good intentions into measurable outcomes while initiating change that is both sustainable and profitable.
DISC assessments are built upon the world's most accepted concepts of human behavior: Dominance, Influence, Steadfast and Compliance.
The original purpose of 360-degree feedback was to diagnose leadership performance issues. Many other innovative uses for multi-source feedback have since evolved over the decades.
Lifetime Learning Company partners with executives, HR managers, corporate trainers and consultants to identify gaps between an organization's actual and desired workforce performance.